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"We're going over to the Frasiers' for drinks." "Ok..." Eric still seemed confused by his parents' behavior. Bye," his dad said as his parents seemingly rushed out of the house.

It was by far the strangest interaction Eric had ever had with his parents.

She knew he was right, and she tried to mentally prepare herself for the next opportunity. It seemed like a good call, because as Emily approached in her flats, she could already overhear a male voice. As Emily entered the beer aisle, she stopped in her tracks, as four black males in their late twenties stared her down. It was more out of surprise to see a middle-aged mother out at Wal Mart buying beer close to midnight. " That wasn't as confident as it had played out in her mind, but she needed to start somewhere. And for a while we've had this fantasy of me meeting strange men in a public clothing store and letting them pick out an outfit for me from the clothes racks, and then me trying on for them whatever they pick out." Two of the men looked giddy like it was Christmas morning. Emily led the men into the dressing room, and made them wait outside in the narrow hallway as she got changed inside. Even an overlooking Roger had never seen his wife look like that before. She knew what the aroused man was trying to ask, but she wanted to play with him more.

They gentlemen then went back to their debate on what brand to buy. Trying to hide her trembling, Emily gulped as she looked at the larger black men, all in t-shirts and loose-fitting jeans or sweatpants. Her pulse was pounding, but there was no turning back. After a few minutes of getting changed, she turned in the mirror for one last wardrobe check. Standing there somewhat nervously, Emily slowly turned so at least something was going on while the men were gawking. "Well I don't know how you usually jerk off, but I imagine that pulling your pants down, grabbing your cock, and stroking it while you look at me would be a good way to start." Each of the four cocks was as hard as a rock.

If we set clear guidelines, there will be no pressure. She occasionally glanced back at Roger, wanting to show him her excitement with the experience. " Asked the same man who had asked about the cameras. Finally, the men all agreed on one item for Emily to wear. " "Yeah, I can tell it's going to be popular," Emily smirked, as she gestured to the tent in one of the guys' sweatpants. Roger will take care of it." It was at a point where the heaviest friend could hardly believe it. "So your husband is letting four strange men walk you around a store, pick out lingerie for you, have you model it for them, jerk off to you while you model it, he's paying for it? " Rather than go into the fantasies she had been developing with her husband, Emily simply answered, "Well, we can stop what we're doing and ask him that, and maybe he'll come to his senses.

I'll be here the whole time so nothing bad can happen." Emily kissed and hugged her supportive husband before striding away from him, while making sure to always be in his sights. " With Roger hornily observing from afar, the four friends led Emily to the lingerie racks. "We should choose something that shows off as much skin as possible," the tallest man suggested. Emily parted her shiny red lips and showed her bright teeth. They held up a hot pink push-up bra with black lace. His friends teased him, and the early starter seemed embarrassed. "It's okay, honey, that's the point of all this," she shrugged. She snapped her fingers before placing the bra visibly on top of a metal clothes rack. Or, you can pick me out something sexy to wear over my vajayjay and then let me put it on for you." He didn't dig any deeper.

"No, this fucking level is taking forever," Eric spoke frustratingly over his headset, as he stared at his character shooting down computerized opponents on his TV screen.

But suddenly, Emily spotted a man heading towards the checkout. I just want to know if you are all in a hurry to get somewhere or not? A couple of them thought she was trying to accuse them of something. She started to feel a tingle of excitement from seeing their excitement. "So we just pick an outfit for you and you'll try it on for us in the dressing room? " "If you can find it on the racks here and want me to wear it, then I will put it on for you," she clarified. But if you each grab a tissue or paper towel to catch your each of you will be able to pleasure yourselves to me in the outfit as my husband watches." Suddenly, beer night was cancelled. " One man voiced his concern, to the ire of his friends. He crouched behind racks and shelves as he peeked around corners. "I just want to see your face when you see what four black cocks look like." Emily chuckled with the rest of the men. "Well I know that you're just looking forward to finally getting off," she winked to a grinning audience.

The only hint was his mom's makeup, but that seemed to be incompatible with her casual blouse.

The couple gave each other a look as if they were caught off guard.

There was something that seemed so off about it that he even entertained the idea that they were in some kind of trouble.

In a split decision, maybe because he was starting to become bored with his own mundane lifestyle choices, Eric threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before grabbing the keys to his new used car.

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Calming himself down slightly, the teenager brushed his wavy light brown surfer hair behind his head. His parents were already walking towards the front door. His dad was in jeans and his mom was in slim white pants.

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