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If convicted on the charge, she could have to spend a month in jail and might also lose her license for up to three months. The boy was taken to Finley Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Nearly three decades of combined experience will be stepping away from Dubuque’s City Council in a matter of days.

The last day of bell-ringing is Saturday, and the organization is a little more than 70% of the way to its goal of 8,000.

But Major Kay Mason of the Salvation Army says they typically see an increase in donations toward the end of the campaign.

But as construction on the new building move along, Historical Society staff learned they had underestimated the costs.

The driver that clipped a child near a Dubuque County bus stop last week could face jail time or a suspension of her driver’s license.According to the sheriff’s department, the boy was crossing the highway to get to a school bus when he was hit by the side mirror of an eastbound vehicle.The driver of the car, 26-year-old Kelly Klein of Holy Cross has been given a ticket for Unlawfully Passing a School Bus.A complaint about the brightness of a Dubuque Police Department vehicle’s lights led to the arrest of a Seattle-area woman on Tuesday evening.Just before PM, an officer was responding to an assault report at the Dubuque Wal-Mart.

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Lynch also thanked the citizens and the many colleagues he’s had on the council over the years.

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