Are paw and roses dating

The perils of marriage could be a crash down into reality. What happens when the rose colored glasses fall off?

Progression of Relationship: The relationship is likely to run very smoothly from the beginning.

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This Leo man is a genuine knight in shining armor, a traditionalist who will want to carry on a genuine courtship, and you must play your part. There is sure to be an abundance of candlelight dinners, beautiful bouquets, and tasteful sentimental gifts to Pisces carefully chosen by Leo to make the best impression possible. Degree of Friendship: Pisces and Leo make wonderful friends.

Degree of Passion: Pisces will bring out the passion in Leo. Leo’s passion is that it never overtakes his reason. There is a sense of innocence and naïveté that pervades their joint exploration of the world.

These two can create and sustain an enduring lifelong romance that never tarnishes.

Pisces will acquiesce to anything Leo wants, and Leo is comfortable taking the lead.

Problems develop after a while when Leo gets bored and Pisces, feeling unfulfilled, starts to wonder.

When It’s Over: When it’s over it’s probably because Pisces cheated or Leo lost his patience.

There are likely to be very hurt feelings, not to mention hurt pride.

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