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Admittedly I needed frequent breathers to stay abreast of fellow baby boomers.

It’s arranged like the dance version of speed dating, changing partners every five minutes so you’re never caught in the sticky embrace of an over-amorous fellow dancer.

But these days we’re also grown-up enough to step back from conflict and emotional chaos when it comes our way.As much as anything, I celebrate my 70s for being a time when my ego is no longer on high alert, in case others are doing better at a career, being lovelier, funnier, cleverer than I am.This is such a relief having lived much of my life with the fear of rejection and failure.Look at the internet dating sites — they’re filled with suggestions for baby boomers who are seeking romance.Clearly, plenty of wrinklies are happy to plunge into new relationships at an age when previous generations would have found it unthinkable. Personally, I have been too scared of rejection to go down that path.

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Now I am happy to have good health — although there is pesky sciatica — and a body that, if anything, is more supple than 20 years back (yes, that is me doing the Jane Fonda pose) thanks to a decade of Pilates, yoga and a home with stairs. Increasingly my generation has been given permission, with each new decade, to believe it can still have an erotic life.

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