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But the Bible says we are saved by God’s grace alone because we have faith in Jesus — period (Ephesians 2:8-9).There is nothing we can do to add to what Jesus did on the cross. The Mormon godhead is neither omniscient, omnipresent, nor omnipotent.My son Micah was saved when he read the Bible and the Holy Spirit convicted him — even on his Mormon mission!He had no access to Christians whom he could question.But God is good, and He eventually, over several years, replaced those friendships a hundredfold with amazing Bible-studying, God-worshipping, praying friends in the body of Christ all around the world through our ministry. My Mormon friends won’t discuss what goes on in temple rituals, and in fact, I’ve found that any discussion of the temple usually goes nowhere. Mormons say their temple ordinances are “sacred, not secret.” But truly, how many folks on the street know what goes on in there? Why fear discovering something contrary to what you now believe?Although secret, LDS temple clothing, ordinances, and covenants can be found on the Internet. First, one receives the instruction said to be necessary for resurrection and to pass through the veil to the celestial kingdom (the highest Mormon heaven) where one can live with Heavenly Father. God invites us to reason together in the area of faith (Isaiah ).Worthy Mormon priesthood holders can eventually work their way to godhood in the next life, rule their own worlds, and populate them with spirit children born of at least one wife.

Not only that, Father God and Jesus are seen as men who earned their way to godhood and are limited in their ability to know all things, be in all places at once, and to hear and answer prayers.Micah’s older brother, Matt, read the Bible with the same result.Their sister, Katie, read the Bible; the Spirit did the same.Temple-worthy Mormons are not supposed to associate with anyone whose teachings run contrary to LDS Church teachings.It’s one of the worthiness questions to receive the temple-recommend needed to “earn” eternal life with Heavenly Father.

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