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The term "Partner" occurs in our mind whenever we are highly exited, in our achievements, in our bad days and in every moment of our life.

Every body in this world is not complete without a partner although he/she have every success in their pocket.

Kerala, a state in the south-west region of the country, is a lush paradise of pretty mountains and valleys. Othikunnath Kuttykrishnan Nair (Kurumkuzhal) 1990 15. First awarded in the year 1965 and from 1965 to 1981 the award were given for a single work by a writer. In Chakyar Koothu the entire story is presented by a single performer. Facial make-up is done with rice powder, turmeric powder and black powder. A memorial to the Sufi saint, Sheikh Fariduddin the Kanjiramattom mosque is well known for the Kodikuthu festival. The distinctive music of Kathakali was born out of Sopana Sangeetham or Sopana ...

It shares border with Karnataka to the north, north-east and Tamil Nadu to the south and south-east. And from 1982, the award has been given for a lifetime contribution. Sankarakurup Malayalam 1966 Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay Bengali 1967 K. Puttappa Kannada Umashankar Joshi Gujarati 1968 Sumitrananthan Pant Hindi 1969 Firaq Gorakhpuri Urdu 1970 Dr. Satyanarayana Telugu 1971 Bishnu Dey Bengali 1972 Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Hindi 1973 D. The main attraction of the festival is the chandanakkudam ritual. Purappadu is one of the ritualistic elements of the play that signal the beginning of a Kathakali performance.

Kerala’s many natural harbours helped attract foreigners here. The Arjuna Nirtham also known as Mayilpeeli Thookam, is a ritual art of Kerala performed in the Bhagavati temples of south Kerala, mainly at Kollam, Alappuzha and Kottayam. The handsome Sundara Kakaan is the representative of the Kakkala community (a nomadic tribe of fortune-tellers). Scenes are enacted with dialogues, music and songs as in the erstwhile musical plays. It is usually performed only in temple theatres known as Koothambalam by members of the Chakyar and Nambyar castes till the first half of the 20th century. The top part of the lamp that will hold the wick or wicks should be around one and a half feet in diameter. The Arangukeli comprise the initiatory rituals associated with a Kathakali performance. Keli is the ritual to publicise an upcoming performance whereas the Arangukeli is the introductory ritual of the actual performance. Velakali is a ritualistic martial art form performed by men in some of the temples of southern Kerala.We can see beautiful blending of the ancient and modern, and simplicity in them. This art form evolved from Kutiyattam, is performed by females only and the very same facial make up and costumes of the female characters of Kutiyattam are used for this too. Aattavilakku (vilakku means lamp) is the traditional bell metal lamp that is kept lit on the stage during the entire Kathakali performance. The name Poorakkali literally means play on Pooram day.It can be emphatically mentioned that these palaces are part of our rich heritage thanks to their artistic beauty. Most of the art forms are unique and related to religion, their worship and rituals. Kakkarissi Natakam is a folk art form popular in Central Travancore. The protagonist in most of the plays is known as Sundara Kakaan. Srikrishna Charitham, the story of Lord Krishna is the story often presented in Nangyarkoothu (Nangyar Koothu). Mizhavu, a percussion instrument is used for the background score. The ancient Sanskrit theatrical art form of the state, Kutiyattam is Kerala’s distinctive stage interpretation of the very early Sanskrit drama as dance drama. The lamp chosen for this is required to be no less than four feet tall. Originally, this was an artform of the women folk but today it is performed by men.The aim of our project is to match two peoples having same opinion and view for life and relationships.After finding your dream partner can go for dating and fun together.

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