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Note: "City," "State" and "Country" used in Contact Info should not be confused with fields bearing the same names that refer to the picture's origin.Address (Contact info) Address is a multi-line field.Author [IPTC Core]Alternative label, used for "Creator." By-line (or Author) [IPTC IIM] Alternative label advocated by the older IPTC IIM schema, used for "Creator." By-line Title (sometimes listed as Author position) [IPTC IIM]Alternative label advocated by the older IPTC IIM schema, used for "Creator's Job Title." Caption [IPTC IIM]Alternative label advocated by the older IPTC IIM schema, used for "Description." Caption Writer(s) [IPTC IIM] Alternative label for "Description Writer." Category [IPTC IIM] This field was deprecated (removed from use) when IPTC Core 1.0 was released in 2005, although it may appear in some applications supporting IPTC IIM. [IPTC Core] Enter the name of the city where the image was captured.If there is no city, you can use the Sublocation field alone to specify where the photograph was made.In some foreign countries only the copyright symbol is recognized and the abbreviation is not accepted.Note the copyright symbol must be a full circle with a “c” inside; using something such as (c), where the parentheses form a partial circle, is not sufficient.This element is at the fourth level of a top-down geographical hierarchy.

For the United States, you would typically follow the form of © name of copyright owner, as in “©2012 John Doe.” Note the word “copyright” or the abbreviation “copr” may be used in place of the © symbol.* * Copyright (c) 2012 Yannick Albert ( * Licensed under the MIT license (While custodians exist within every document, the current custodian field only houses the name of each individual.Each Object allows for the creation of a title, slug, content and Metafields.Additional Model Information Artwork or Object in the Image Author By-line (or Author) By-line Title (sometimes listed as Author position) Caption Caption Writer(s) Category City (legacy) City (of Location Created) City (of Location Shown) Contact Info Copyright Notice Copyright Notice (of Artwork/Object) Copyright Status Copyright Owner (PLUS) Copyright URL Country (legacy) Country Code (legacy) Country Code (of Location Created) Country Code (of Location Shown) Country Name (of Location Created) Country Name (of Location Shown) Creator Creator (of Artwork/Object) Creator’s Job Title Credit Line Date Created Date Created (of Artwork/Object) Description Description wr Description Writer Document title Digital Source Type Event Featured Organisation Code Featured Organisation Name Headline Image Creator (PLUS) Image Registry Entry Image Supplier ID (PLUS) Image Supplier Name (PLUS) Instructions Intellectual Genre IPTC Subject Code IPTC Scene Job Identifier Keywords Location Licensor (PLUS) Location in which the image was created Location Shown in the Image Max Avail Width/Height Minor Model Age Disclosure (PLUS) Model Age Model Release Identifier(s) (PLUS) Model Release Status (PLUS) Object Name Original Transmission Reference Person Shown in the Image Photographer Provider Property Release Identifier(s) (PLUS) Property Release Status (PLUS) Province/State Province/State (of Location Shown) Province/State (of Location Created) Registry Item Identifier (of Image Registry Entry) Registry Organisation Identifier (of Image Registry Entry) Rights Usage Terms Source Source (of Artwork/Object) Source Inventory Number (of Artwork/Object) Special Instructions State/Province (legacy) Sublocation Sublocation (of Location Created) Sublocation (of Location Shown) Supplemental Categories Supplier’s Image ID (PLUS) Title Title (if used in Photo Mechanic) Title (of Artwork/Object) Transmission Reference Urgency World Region (of Location Created) World Region (of Location Shown) Writer/Editor Additional Model Information [IPTC Extension]The Additional Model Information field can be used to record information about the ethnicity and other facets of the model(s) in a model-released image.

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