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But we did finally arrive, and I began my quest to experience Paris as my grandmother had.

I’d made a list of all the places she had mentioned visiting – from the American Library, where she’d worked, to the gardens of the Rodin Museum, where she’d somehow wrangled a private tour, to the cafés so popular with the artists and expats of 1920s Paris – and I set about visiting them.

First of all, while you can go to Paris, you can’t go to Paris in 1924. Nearly a century separated those cities, to begin with, with all the attendant modernization, for better or for worse. When she went to Paris, she was in her early twenties, and a charmingly naïve, girlish twenty-something at that.The buildings are indeed lovely, but they can wear the stain of Paris’s overwhelming smog – in 2015 the smog was so terrible Paris briefly wore the dubious honor of having the worst air quality in the world. I had brought two pairs of shoes – a new, and alarmingly expensive pair of comfort sandals, which I had worn only around the house, and a thin-soled pair of sneakers, which I wore regularly at home, finding them much more “natural” than a heavier, padded pair of sensible walking shoes (I am sure you can see where this is going).The first day I wore the sandals, I strained my Achilles tendon while stepping off the bus in front of the Louvre, and I wore them rarely afterward, as they had a tendency to set off that pain again.The buildings were pretty, but the architectural standardization inflicted upon the city by Baron Haussmann also makes large swaths of it look disappointingly similar.The Parisians were not rude, as advertised, but nor were they particularly charming (though boy howdy are they a people who know how to wear a scarf). The museums were so crowded you couldn’t see the art.

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