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Chronic loneliness is linked with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the morning, which raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes.Loneliness is also linked with higher blood pressure and a weakening of the immune system, Professor Cacioppo said.“ We find people who continue to interact with coworkers after retirement and have friends close by are less lonely..it true throughout the world.I’ve done studies in Europe and China and we are not seeing any differences, regardless of where we look,” he said.“The results were unchanged when you considered their objective social circumstance, for instance whether they were married or lived near family and friends.

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Professor John Cacioppo, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, said there are dramatic differences in the rate of decline in physical and mental health as people age and that these can be linked to the number of satisfying relationships people continue to keep with friends and relatives as they get older. We think that retirement means leaving friends and family and buying a place down in Florida where it is warm and living happily ever after.

But that’s probably not the best idea,” Professor Cacioppo said.“Retiring to Florida to live in a warmer climate among strangers isn’t necessarily a good idea if it means you are disconnected from the people who mean the most to you,” he told the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Feeling extreme loneliness on a long-term basis can be worse than obesity in terms of increasing the potentially lethal health risks that lead to premature death, scientists said.

Chronic loneliness has been shown to increase the chances of an early grave by 14 per cent, which is as bad as being overweight and almost as bad as poverty in undermining a person’s long-term wellbeing, a study has found.

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