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Congress had justified the wider ban on grounds that while no real children were harmed in creating the material, real children could be harmed by feeding the prurient appetites of paedophiles or child molesters. 103 (1990) where the court upheld a statute making it illegal to possess child pornography.

The Free Speech Coalition, the pornographers' trade group, said it opposes child pornography but that the law could snare legitimate, if unsavoury, films and photos produced by its members. None of the US federal or state laws deal with so called pseudo-photographs.

Cite as: Yaman Akdeniz, Regulation of Child Pornography on the Internet: Cases and Materials, at This section of Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) deals with the regulation of child pornography on the Internet under various jurisdictions. The US Supreme Court has overthrown a congressional ban on virtual paedophilia.

Journalists and researchers please contact at [email protected] for permission to use materials from this database of cases and materials.

If you are using subversion you can use the svn log command with the --xml switch and you can pull the lines of code from there.It's not even the case that it the opposite is true: While it's very easy to show cases where fewer lines are better, that doesn't mean that the fewer lines are written the better it is.The only thing being clear is that, wherever the number of lines is watched for, the code sooner or later gets worse. I use it at work and it's great, it'll break down LOC by developer by month. By default, it will count branched off code as if it was typed. No part of this database can be copied without our permission.It ruled the First Amendment protects pornography or other sexual images that only appear to depict real children engaged in sex.

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So in your favorite version control tool, how do you tell how many lines of code have been modified?

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