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B and Jo Jo that her parents brought her up to be “respectful, classy, and well-rounded.” Yes Mrs.

B, that was a slam in your direction, and for everything you said on the show. B was pissed with Jo Jo’s decision and didn’t want to do her final exit interview.

Throughout the series, the female contestants participate in competitions and are selected by the men for dates, with some of the contestants being eliminated at various intervals.

Each woman receives a text message of "yes" if any of the men want to keep her in contention or "no" if none of them want to keep her in contention.

At the beginning of the series, 32 single women are contestants seeking romance with any of three single men (firefighter/paramedic Michael Sarysz,).

The men's mothers are brought in to live in a house with the female contestants while the sons are housed in a nearby condominium.

It was created by Susan Harris, and produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions and Touchstone Television.

The comedy starred Bruce Weitz and Nancy Walker in the lead roles.

Momma's Boys is an American reality television series on the NBC network, executive produced by Ryan Seacrest and Andrew Glassman, which centers on a group of mothers who must help choose the perfect woman for their sons.

I’m surprised she didn’t slip her tongue down his throat after parasailing.

But Jo Jo was smart and knew that his mom was keeping the leash tight.

No loss there, like we really wanted to hear more hatred spew out of her mouth.

Esther (Rob’s mom) basically chopped off his balls.

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Their last date appeared to be bliss with Michael stating it was “the best day of his life.” Hell, they even played Enya-esque music during the whole date montage. I wouldn’t have chosen Amanda, simply for that dress she wore at elimination that made her look like a female bodybuilder.

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