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I was pulling one of the sundress straps off her shoulder. “I really like you and want to be exclusive with you. If the guy you’re dating won’t deliver, look elsewhere. When it comes to exclusivity, if you depend on hints to ascertain whether your partner is dating anyone else, you’re going to spend a lot of time being surprised. The best way to convey that you’d rather he date only you is to say so. “I can’t keep seeing you unless I know I’m the only one you’re seeing,” is fine. (And any lizard you don’t happen to be sleeping with will agree.) Figure out what you want.When you transition from “just seeing each other” to being “in a relationship” is a conundrum that has puzzled man since we first came down from the trees.

You call him by his real name instead of whatever nickname you were using just so your friends could remember who he is.

Have you played the field a bit and found that most of what’s out there is lacking in as much as it’s not the girl you want to be with?

This is the most straightforward and simple way to know if getting into a relationship is the right thing.

I just don’t happen to know any of those men—not when it’s the first date. This bears repeating, and italicizing: It’s a first date. So, for your own sake, hold the questions for later. Based on a non-scientific survey of approximately every single woman I’ve ever known, most females start thinking about exclusivity at about the same time they start thinking about sex.

Nonetheless, countless commitment-phobes cave into exclusive relationships every day. Some men respect and are attracted to this kind of forthrightness.

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I would do almost anything to bring her back to the subject at hand, to get her refocused on the kissing and the “mmms.” Almost anything, but not anything. This last part scares the living daylights out of most men (and some women). Here are some guidelines: I know women who make clear on the very first date that they aren’t interested in playing games, that unless the guy is looking for monogamy and a real, adult relationship, the guy should look elsewhere.

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