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Rhode Island has a state law that requires all dredged material that can be beneficially reused shall be.In practice, the physical properties of the material are the determining factor in selecting a disposal alternative. Goulet foresees marsh restoration and protection from sea level rise as the next big challenge in Rhode Island.Fredette believes that the long-term need should diminish as legacy sediment quantity decreases.Dan Goulet, Dredging Coordinator for the RI Coastal Resources Management Council, provided an overview of dredged material management in Rhode Island.

A country boy, he loved the outdoors and became an excellent marksman with a rifle.With the electrification of American cities in the 1880s, the young Goddard became interested in science—specifically, engineering and technology.When his father showed him how to generate static electricity on the family's carpet, the five-year-old's imagination was sparked.He not only recognized the potential of rockets for atmospheric research, ballistic missiles and space travel but was the first to scientifically study, design and construct the rockets needed to implement those ideas.Goddard was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Nahum Danford Goddard (1859–1928), a farmer, and Fannie Louise Hoyt (1864–1920).

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Our speakers covered everything from dredging methodologies and sediment characterization to promoting the reuse of dredged materials for shoreline restoration in response to sea level rise and recent catastrophic events.” Conference highlights, as reported by Stephanie, included: Steven Wolf, Program Manager for U. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), New England District, stated that in his experience, disposal options can often drive the feasibility of dredging projects.

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