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A polyamorous married couple who both have 'multiple' lovers have lifted the lid on the tangled world of open relationships.Carl and Kenya Stevens have been happily married for 22 years, with over half of their relationship 'opened' to different partners who they invite into their home - and they say they're pioneering 'the future of love'.Like my fun, my magnetism, my sensual energy was depleting.Now I feel like I'm a mother, I'm a wife and I'm a lover - I'm a goddess!

In western culture here in America women are not supposed to have a sex drive or desire men when we are married. It was hard to break through all of those belief systems. I started having all these thoughts and images of her having sex.

Maybe just because I was raised the way I was,' she said.'My parents first gave me the talk when I was seven-years-old. I wasn't interested in talking about it until I started puberty.'I think unlike most kids, I felt comfortable asking my parents questions.

Most of my friends could not talk to their parents, they had to figure it out alone and that is where ignorance comes from.

Kenya told Barcroft TV: 'Carl and I have been open for 12 years.

We enjoy it so much that we support other people coming into this lifestyle.'We deal with every kind of problem, from people cheating on their spouse, people who want to open their relationship and people who want to learn how to relate to one person.'Carl added: 'I think poly relationships are becoming a lot more common.

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