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The medical profession cannot be society's healer and killer at the same time.Measure #16 prescribes suicide as a treatment for disease.Doctors have an ethical and professional responsibility to sustain life when possible.Measure #16 would create an environment where physician-assisted suicide becomes the first line of defense against terminal diseases, resulting in final and fatal decisions.DISCLAIMER: This module discusses sources for the purpose of education.Any real-life situation must be discussed with a rabbi, well-versed in Jewish law.However, in a case where even one injection of morphine might cause spontaneous respiration to cease, it is forbidden to administer this drug, even if he is in serious pain, unless the patient will be mechanically respirated.(Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, quoted in Nishmat Avraham, Vol.

Therefore the quality of life at any one moment does not alter its infinite value.This is the time for the doctor to be the patient's support, not his/her killer. The so-called safeguards built into Measure #16 are inadequate.Patients remain vulnerable to outside pressures to choose suicide.Is it a relevant factor that the pain could be reduced through modern pain-management techniques? What he calls "medicide," I call "murder." He has as much right to help someone kill themselves as I do. Kathryn wrote: My grandmother is very ill with Parkinson's Disease. How can we judge for someone else whether they want to be alive or not if they cannot speak?Should the option of a support group and hospice care be made mandatory for all terminally ill patients? It's a cheap way for the elite to avoid caring for the helpless. It is not our place to take away from them the chance to try.

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Anyone who kills a dying person is liable to the death penalty as a common murderer.

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