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Russia inherited several public holidays from the era of the Soviet Union.

For example, Defender of the Fatherland Day (originally known as Red Army Day) is celebrated on February 23rd.

According to a recent poll, most Russians follow their own judgment about what a woman would like to get as a gift (33%).

Many Russians also directly ask what a woman would like to receive as a gift (25%) or pick a present that they can afford financially (23%).

The holiday is viewed as just an extra day off by 14% of Russians, while 10% of Russians associate it with gifts and flowers.Popular Russian entertainers organize concerts and performances to create the festive mood on March 8th.The best singers and most talented actors perform on stage with songs and poems about love and beautiful women.Flowers are the most popular gift choice on March 8th. Candy and chocolate are the next popular choice, followed by perfume and cosmetics.Some people like to give money or gift cards, so that women could pick the best present for themselves.

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Although March 8th is a big holiday in Russia, some people choose not to celebrate it.

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