Updating garmin nuvi 750 maps

However when attempting (six attempts) to download the map data file mapdata_ntau1_v1002_4202it continually stops downloading at 80% or 92.6mb of the total 114mb.

The download does pause briefly before that, but I have been able to get it to resume until it reaches the 80% mark.

From too many hours of research – If you’re after basic A to B routing Garmin or Tom Tom seem the way to go, it “appears” that Garmin are “apparently” better quality units having less lag/syncing with satellites and interference etc (something to do with the processor chip inside “I think”).

However, If your continually using it in the same areas and don’t want it to keep telling you to turn right at a no right turn intersection or want to short-term block it from trying to send you over a bridge that’s closed for the next 6weeks I’d go a Tom Tom.

Pocket/Very handy if you want to load it up with movies and MP3s and play them..

I'm heading up the coast on the weekend, and I just played around with the unit today to see how it would go up there if I had no idea i.e.

was a fresh faced tourist, and it was disappointing.

The MY-50T works fine for me, just would like to have that update if it's really available in some way, cheers.

lostcloud9: not sure on your lane guidance problem it should 'just work', but the MY50T (disappointingly) only comes with bluetooth to connect via internet and does not have the hands free feature as the other more expensive models.

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