Updating the sid for sas

Granular Recovery Technology: A term used by Symantec to describe their backup technology, that lets you restore a single item from a large backup job, e.g.

one email from and Exchange backup, or one user from Active Directory.

Fibre to the Cabinet: An Internet connection that provides a fibre optic cable from either a telephone exchange (Or Comms distribution point), to the cabinets that are in the street.

From the cabinet to the home/business will usually be standard copper (POTS) cable.

Took over from a VLK key, its either entered manually, from a script or unattended file, or using the VAMT tool. They can also be used to apply GPOCreated by a firm called Teradici, it is a similar protocol to RDP, insofar as it lets you view the desktop of a remote machine and interact with it.

Cisco Connection Online: You can create a login free at Cisco to log into this service, once set up you can add valid support agreements to you account to enable you to get support and download updates.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.But you will still see this term used in router documentation. Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption: A ‘Man in the Middle’ SSL Exploit that forces communication over SSLv3.Open Systems Interconnect: Is a conceptual model used to teach/design and build networked systems. Once done the attacker can initiate multiple SSL connections and decrypt the data.

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If a router asks the NHS server ‘I need to build a tunnel to’ it will reply with ‘The public IP address of that site is’. Perfect Forward Secrecy is a method by which new keys are generated, each new key is mathematically linked to the key that came before it, the prior key being a “Grandfather” key.

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