What do submissive women want in chat rooms

If that means you serve her now and then, so be it." "Yes, Ma'am," I answered, mocking her. To him, I instructed him to bring her things to the guest suite. She took off her overcoat, handed it and her gloves to me. Even if I give her credit for nothing else, she is a stunningly beautiful woman for a woman in her mid to late fifties. I could put up with this for a month, I knew I could.

"Try that with some seriousness, Michael, and maybe the month will go by quickly." If only. Impeccably dressed every time I saw her, she was today, of course. Susan raised her foot up slightly so it was level with my face, mere inches from my mouth, my nose.

Besides, you're not doing it for her, you're doing it for me." I frowned at Susan. " "Yes, sweetie, just - I don't know - you're not serving her, Michael, when you're doing something for her, you're doing it for me, right? That either, clad in nylons, drove me to instant sexual desire. "You like serving your wife, don't you," she asked me again, softly, moaning while speaking. I loved it, loved pampering her, touching her, pleasing her. She'd touch my skin, toy with me, but carefully, so carefully, avoid any contact with my penis. You think you that you've been humiliated, now can go?

Nothing worse than a fake apology, I found out once. I glanced up at my mother-in- law and still the bra cups were in my line of vision. "Susan." "Michael, I know what you're going to say, and you're not entirely wrong about the way she treats you, but please, she's my mother. You're going to learn why what you did was so disgusting. I looked down at the ground, at her heel, continuing it's tapping, up slightly, at her legs. "Apology accepted, Michael," she said, stopping her foot. But that woman would not accept me regardless of any efforts I made. Susan would finally touch my penis, so hungry for contact, she'd touch me, just brush against me, lightly, and I'd lick her so hard, so explosively. Once when she did that, when she finally touched me, she said, "I love feeling you leak cum just from making me cum.

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While not as "stuffy" as her mother, Susan too was always dressed impeccably, and unusual for women of our generation, would never wear pants to work on principal. Perhaps I was being petulant, but this was just the first day of a month of dealing with her mother. Her tone was flat, but there was something in her eyes. Without thinking much of it or about it, I knelt down on the ground in front of her, at the head of the bed, took one of her nylon covered feet in my hands and began her massage. That the sight of her legs immediately attracted my eye. Whereas once in awhile, she'd go down on me, she wasn't ever that into it. I'd much rather go down on her, I'd much rather lick her, I'd much rather spend two hours licking her pussy than get two seconds of her reciprocating to me. You don't want me to tell Susan I caught you sniffing my panties and abusing yourself?

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