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This 5 disc set includes 10 episodes (260 mins), plus bonus material. (Unrated 2005 DVD, WGBH BOSTON Studios) Farmer Ken's Puzzle: Lionel won't let Leona play a computer game for ages seven and up because she's four and down.The Fox and the Crow: Walter and Clay Pigeon want The Fox and the Crow banned from the library because they think the book makes birds look like birdbrains.Giants and Cubs: Leona thinks scary giants are coming into the library to clobber lion cubs.(Unrated 2005 DVD, WGBH BOSTON Studios) Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy?" when his sheep are threatened, and then he doesn't stop!The Chap with Caps: The Lion family helps a writer fix a story about a chap, a cap, and lots of chattering monkeys.BIG BROTHER BINKY is an animated spinoff from the popular ARTHUR series and is a great way to introduce children to a complex topic. In the second story, can Francine and the Brain put aside their differences for the good of the soccer team?It is also a humorous and entertaining TV show that has charmed public television audiences for years. W., The Picky Eater/ Buster and the Dare Devils; and Just Desserts/ The Big Dig. Probably not -- so Arthur and Buster decide to "write" some wrongs.

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Lionel's Great Escape Trick: Lionel ties himself up with ropes and tries to escape without magic words.

Touching the Moon: Leoona keeps the whole family awake because she wants a queen to touch the moon.

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(Unrated 2008 DVD, WGBH BOSTON Studios) Arthur's best buddy Binky Barnes is about to go through a serious life change-He's going to become a big brother! Box set includes 18 great adventures on 5 Discs: 1. Whose music will rule after the greats duke it out in the battle of classical versus jazz?

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